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'Awesome' Birthday Candles 'Awesome' Birthday Candles
-49 %
An awesome message spelled out in party candles in neon orange with flakes of shiny gold foil. The candle wicks are positioned at the top of each letter.Pack contains 7 candles.Pack size: 1 x 6 x 5 inches...
2.50€ 4.95€
'Yay' Birthday Candles 'Yay' Birthday Candles
-49 %
These fun and stylish party candles spell out the word YAY! in bright pink letters embellished with shimmering gold foil spots.Ideal for any party!Pack contains 4 candles...
2.50€ 4.95€
Mixed Blue Tall Candles Mixed Blue Tall Candles
-62 %
These long blue, white and metallic silver candles are perfect for adding height to a special birthday cake this year. Each pack contains 16 long candles with holders, perfect for mixing and matching to light up the party. ..
2.50€ 6.50€
Mixed Pink Tall Candles
-62 %
A beautiful range of a coloured candles ranging from ice, through to salmon pink and magenta. Each candle is embellished with a scattering of gold glitter.Pack contains 24 candles in 6 colours...
2.50€ 6.50€
Multi Fleck Tall Candles
-54 %
A pack of colourful candles to help decorate the perfect cake. The candles are decorated with a multi-colour fleck pattern.Pack of 16 with plastic holders. Neon print detail.Candle height: 14.5cm..
3.00€ 6.50€
Rose Gold Extra Long Candles
-55 %
Mega big rose gold candles measuring a whopping 18cm tall! Pack of 16 with plastic holders. ..
2.95€ 6.50€
Unicorn Candle
-38 %
A delightful unicorn candle to light up a magical birthday celebration, with a colourful mane and tail, all embellished with shiny gold foil.Pack of 1. Neon print with iridescent glitter & gold foil detail.Maximum candle height: 8cm...
3.75€ 6.00€
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