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Confetti Box - Heart Shaped Confetti Box - Heart Shaped
-58 %
Shower your loved one with colourful confetti with this delightful Love Confetti box. It includes tissue, and shiny gold mylar pieces all cut into the shape of love hearts. Pack contains confetti in 3 styles - Peach, Pink & Gold ..
2.50€ 6.00€
Confetti Cannon Biodegradable - Large Confetti Cannon Biodegradable - Large
New -46 %
Shower your guests with our 'Happy Everything' Pastel Confetti Cannon. A loud cannon bang is followed by a cascade of pastel multicoloured biodegradable confetti which fills the room.Twist the bottom to release the confetti high into the air as you celebrate everything! Why not match this confetti c..
3.50€ 6.50€
Confetti Cannon Pink Ombre
-49 %
Make a confetti shower with this confetti cannon shooter. Our cannon shooter is perfect for parties and celebrations.The pink ombre design and gold confetti inside is perfect to make a loud confetti bang at your celebration.Each cannon shooter is 15cm...
1.50€ 2.95€
Confetti Cannon Rainbow Biodegradable Confetti Cannon Rainbow Biodegradable
-37 %
Surprise your guests with our 'Rainbow Biodegradable Confetti Cannon'. Shower your guests in confetti happiness as they dance away! A loud cannon bang is followed by a cascade of multi coloured bidigradable confetti filling the room. Our cannon shooter really makes for special moments.Twist the bott..
2.50€ 3.95€
Confetti Cannon Rose Gold
New -49 %
Surprise your guests with our 'Rose Gold Confetti Cannon Shooter'. Shower your guests in confetti happiness! Twist the bottom to release, a loud cannon bang is followed by a cascade of shiny rose gold confetti filling the room. Each pack contains one cannon shooter measuring 15cm (H) by 4cm (W)..
1.50€ 2.95€
Smoke Cannon Multicoloured Smoke Cannon Multicoloured
-21 %
Get the party started with a bang - with this 'Let's Party' Multi-Coloured Smoke Cannon. This party popper will let out a burst of pastel multi-coloured smoke which is sure to impress all of your guests!Twist the bottom to release the powder high into the air and shower your guests with a colour exp..
5.50€ 6.95€
Table Confetti Rose Gold
-64 %
Go scatter crazy with the stunning Rose Gold Confetti to add a touch of sprakle to your celebration tables!Perfect for all chic celebrations; hen parties, birthday parties or even on the big wedding day! ..
1.00€ 2.75€
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